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The catchment trays, pits

"Ecoprom» company produces catchment trays of stainless steel, not amenable to corrosion. What is especially important if we take into account the fact that the water at car washes medium aggressive. Removable grille is extremely durable - withstand without deformation even hitting truck. The equipment is easily installed in the facility: ready tray is inserted into the formwork and poured concrete.


The first filter modules are placed in the trays produced by "Ecoprom" company. Detainees contamination can be easily removed due to the advantages of the original design and dimensions of the trays, which helps to maintain the purity and the absence of unpleasant odors in the room. The upper grille, in spite of the strength, is very easy, might be raised by one person without difficulty.


Water, after the first filter module located in the tray, pushing by gravity falls immerses in a pit, from where a submerged pump pumping water into the sedimentation tank block. The pump is adjusted individually according to the needs. Pits, projected by the Company «Ecoprom" are distinguished by reliability, functionality, practicality, ease of installation, maintenance and operation. 

  • Not amenable to corrosion.
  • Solid construction.
  • Easy installation, maintenance and operation.
Detailed description
Catchment trays Ecoprom:
Name Connection Out, mm Dimensions LxWxH, mm Material
Tray 2,5 Ø110 2500x300x1550 Stainless steel AISI 304
Tray 4,0 4000x500x1550
Pits Ecoprom:
Name I / O connections, mm Dimensions LxWxH, mm Material
Pit 0,75 Ø110 / 1" 750x500x1280 Stainless steel AISI 304
Pit 0,5 500x500x1030