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Block sump

Block sump is the main element at the stage of pre-treatment of industrial waste water, in which the primary clarification of contaminated water is preceded, settling the bulk of the suspended solids and the separation of oil products.


"Ecoprom» company produces sedimentation tanks of stainless steel, polyethylene or polypropylene. We also give out terms of reference for the implementation of sedimentation tanks from reinforced concrete.


"Ecoprom» company offers a choice: standard-settlers units, and also produces septic tanks for individual projects, depending on the particular layout of the room or area. All our sump tanks are equipped by modules with pre-treatment of water, so that the degree of purification in a sedimentation unit for suspended solids and oil products is up to 90%.

  • Land-settlers units, under which it is not necessary to dig a hole.
  • Ideal as the wastewater treatment plants for car washes located in cramped urban conditions. Particularly successful application of the settling units in underground car parks.
  • Blocks Settling "Ecoprom", in contrast to the standard underground tanks, can be freely carried and installed on another item.
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the equipment thanks to good design and on-land location.
Detailed description
Name Capacity, m3/h Power, kW / Voltage, I Connection, inch Dimensions LxWxH, mm Material
Block-sump 1 - 3 1,0 / 220 1" - 1" 2000x600x1000 Polyethylene
2000x500x1000 Stainless steel AISI 304
3000x500x1000 Polypropylene*
 *Polypropylene block sumps are new development and will available to order from September 1, 2016.